Dec 25, 2014

Solo Day 2 South Korea - 22st Nov 2014 (Busan + Jeju)

Day 2, 22nd November 2014

Woke up early and went to Taejongdae. Plan to spend my whole day in Taejongdae Resort Park before I had to catch up flight to Jeju-Do.

How to go to Taejongdae Park :
From Busan Station (line 1, Exit 9)  Take intra-city bus No 88 or No 101   OR
From Nampo Dong (Line 1, Exit 6) Take intra-city bus No 8 / No 30 / No 88

But for me, I took took bus no 88 / 88-1 / 66 from Jungang Station Exit 1 Bus Stop, and disembarked at the last station, Taejongdae. By bus, it tooks about 20-30 minutes ride.

In the bus on the way to Taejongdae

 For the tour, you may walk to all the attractions spot (if you are fit enough and have a day free time) or get on the Danubi train just like i did. The train will cost you 2000KRW per ticket and it is one-way. Which means to say, you can hop on and off the train in one direction only. You cannot turn back to previous pit stop (unless by walking), thus be sure where do you want to stop. There are 5-6 major pit stops (as shown in the brochure below) and if you don’t have enough time, I would recommend you to stop at the red spot.

This is the Danubi Train Map
Yellow spot : Taejongdae bus stop
Green spot : Taejongdae entrance and ticket booth
Red 1 : Taewon Pebble Yard (i didnt go here)
Red 2 : Observation Deck (Statue of Mother and Children)
Red 3 : Sinseon Rock, Mangbu Rock + Yeongdo Lighthouse + Lighthouse Pebble Yard

The Danubi Train

Red Spot 2 : Observation Deck

Red Spot 2 : Observation Deck, Taejongdae

Red Spot 3: Yeongdo Lighthouse, Taejongdae

Red Spot 3: Yeongdo Lighthouse, Taejongdae
Joined the ahjuma, ajusshi and haimonie (white hair). Dapat kuih kacang free. Ajusshi offer soju katanya untuk panaskan badan. heh??

Red Spot 3: Yeongdo Lighthouse, Taejongdae

Red Spot 3 : Mangbu Rock, Taejongdae

Red Spot 3 : Mangbu or Sinseon Rock, Taejongdae

Red Sopt 3 : Lighthouse Pebble Yard, Taejongdae

Taejongdae nih kawasan yang sangat soothing and very calm sesuai sangat untuk slow walk. I wish that i could have enough time to walk around that area. Just nak bagitau, kawasan red spot no 3 adalah sangat bertangga - tangga..dari atas gunung sampai the rocky cliff was all about ascending and descending stairs..memang akan semput jugak la kepada mereka yang kurang bersenam atau menaiki tangga.. tapi jgn risau, korunk boleh buat gaya seolah olah nak ambil gmbr kat memana pit stop untuk cover korunk punya semput atau dapat nyawa balik. hehe.. semua org kat situ faham.. alah, diorang pun semput gak...
tapi one thing i was so amazed, the elders kat korea boleh buat activity sporty nih lebih dari anak muda kat malaysia boleh buat.. aku salute giler la kat haimonie yang bagi kuih tuh..korunk rasa umur dia bape?? 70++ kot tapi dia gigih la nak picnic dgn family dia kat cliff tuh kan? klu mak bapak kita, ada?? takdo jep.. dlm hati macam tak percaya yang haimonie tuh panjat turun tangga yang boleh tahan tinggi, tapi takkan la dia naik helicopter atau naik boat nak sampai ke cliff tuh kan??  fuhh, tabik spring toink toink.

After spend 4 hours at Taejongdae, I took the same bus back to Jungang Station, picked up my bag and went to Gimhae International Airport Station via subway to board for Jeju-Do. I choose to fly with Jeju Air and the tix price include 20kg of luggage, very convenient and cheap. My departure time was 5.00 pm and I arrived Jeju-do at 5.45 pm. It took only 45-60 mins.

@ Gimhae International Aiport - Jeju Air Plane

Jeju Island 

Jeju International Airport

I took bus from Jeju International Airport to Jeju City Hall Bus Station and checked in at Yeha Guesthouse City Hall branch. To get to Yeha City Hall, I was suppose to take bus No 100 so that it stopped right in front of my hostel, but since I was stubborn to ask unneeded question to the information center, I got onto other bus that stop at other blocks away. I have to walked and asked people for direction then. Sigh. Should have follow the direction inside the web.

Yeha Guesthouse, City Hall, Jeju Island

2nd Night. During happy hour at Yeha Guesthouse

Yeha is super cute guesthouse with "thumbs up" service! The staff (Lyndon + Jade and others) were really friendly and seriously know how to joke around especially Jade, the stamped-forehead guy. He is my favorite staff. We can talk about random ridiculous things till latenight. I also miss those fantastic cheerful night we had in Community Room. Everyone was happy sharing their travelling experience, apart from the free drinks the guesthouse gives away during happy hour for everyone to enjoy. =)

End of my 2nd day

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