Feb 4, 2019

Solo Day 10 South Korea - 30th Nov 2014 (Busan + Yongungsa + Gwangbokro )

Day 10 aka last day
I got up early and went to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple. Took subway to Haeundae Station Exit 7, get on to bus no 181 and disembark at Yonggungsa Temple. Seriously I had nothing much to say about this place. For me, if you’ve been to Jeju, you might want to skip this spot especially if you don’t have much time. Plus, it is quite far from the station.  But for the Buddhist, you may want to visit to this place. Here’s little info about this temple.

After the temple, I went back to Busan City and headed to Jagalchi Market ( Jagalchi Station Exit 10). I really need my lunch. I don’t want to be boarded on plane with an empty stomach. However, I have difficulties to understand the language and explain to them what I wanted to eat. Too bad I don’t have the picture of food I’m craving for in my phone and I had brain damage to recall the name. So ended up, I eat at this one restaurant and order these..

This is too much for me to finish it all by myself. I really have no idea what I’ve ordered actually and it was seriously funny. Foods keep on coming till the person next table was staring at me with his mouth little open. What??

Overall, it was ok (don’t bother to convert the price) but not as nice as the one I had in Jeju with my taxi driver. That was the most marvelous seafood I ever taste, a very fine one.

I took my ample time to finish everything and headed back to hostel for checked out process. I bid goodbye to the staff and waited for the airport limousine bus at Jungang Station Exit 14 bus stop. Since my flight was at 5.00pm, I choose to get on to 2.15pm bus. It took about 1 hour from Jungang Station to Gimhae Aiport.

Check in process went smooth and plane departed at 5.00pm.

Good bye South Korea. You are so mesmerizing and I was sooo in disbelief that I’ve made it. Thank god and thanks to the people. I had a blast one! I arrived KLIA2 at 10.30pm.

Solo Day 9 South Korea - 29th Nov 2014 (Busan Tower + Jagalchi + Gwangli Beach)

It was my travel day as I have to take bus from Seoul City to Busan. I have several other option such as KTX High speed train (the fastest option but quite pricey), or intercity bus (the cheapest but took longer travel time), but instead I chose to travel with express bus.  I think that it is moderate option. Cost effective with 4 hours of travel time. To get to the bus station, kindly disembark at Seoul Express Bus Terminal.  I bought the ticket on the spot at the ticket counter inside the building and since the bus has frequent time travel, I didn’t have to wait for so long.

There was only one rest area/stop along the journey (which I don’t know where) and I safely arrived Busan Bus Terminal at 2.06 pm. The nearest subway station to the bus terminal is Nopo-Dong Station which is the last station for Line 1. Just walked inside the building and follow the direction, you will find the train track. I headed straight to Jungang Station and check in again at Mr Egg Original hostel.

I place my bag and immediately went out to Yongdusan Park. It is just a walking distance from my hostel.

After Yongdusan, I went to BIFF Square and walked down the shopping street following the crowd to Jagalchi Market. Seriously I don’t know where to go but I just love to do the walking. I had my Shrimp Burger as my dinner, at Lotteria nearby to BIFF square. It taste good. =)

I went inside Jagalchi Market to see their wet market and was whoaaa with the seafood they had. Everything was triple than the size I had in my country. I even surveyed the second floor restaurants for me to have my lunch the next day.

From Jagalchi, I walked to Gwangbok Lotte Mall and went to the underground Gwangbokro Shopping alley on and off. Till at one point, I was walking at Busan Port / Customs and Immigration when I suddenly be able to see partial of Gwanglli Bridge. It was pretty amazing. Since it was still early, I decided to go there. Gwang-an Station Exit 7

It’s a nice place and lots of people were just wandering around the beach. They play fireworks and have a super nice date with their love one. How I wish I could have my love one by my side. =(

For 1 hours I sat alone watching the diamond bridge, human behavior and surroundings. what a beautiful feeling. 

set back to hostel and packing up for return flight to KL 
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