Jun 24, 2011

How To Get to Chic Pop Market-Jaya One =)

Hello everyone. So tomorrow, I bet there are nothing more fascinating and thrill to do rather than attending and supporting the chic pop market…like yeahhhh…haha...
I know, there are few of you that unable to get there because you don’t own a transport, but no worries people, I’ll teach you how to get there by public transport. Yeah, public transport!! Takkan malu kot naik public transports? Hehe..Its KL people! The public transport is something needed and I can say that it is not so bad la to travel around by public transport. Even I used public transport a lot. It is quite convenient and easy, excluded for the fact that ‘foreigner’ packed in like in a popping sardines can and the terrible waiting time. 
Anyway, lets just make it direct to the point. If you are boarding from Kl sentral, take Stars train to University station. Drop yourself at the station and take a metro bus number 12 or rapidkl U65. Both bus will stop exactly in front of Jaya One. Make sure you alert la.
Ring the bell and see you there!!! Hehe..
Hope that more or less, it helps yaw.. =)

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