Oct 26, 2013

Etude House Skin Care Product and Unnie Ara

          Hi there.. to all the girls out there, this post is just a sneak peak of my korea trip..tetiba terminat dengan barang etude house after met one beautiful lady at Hongik University Area.. her name is Ara..she was so kind and very entertaining.. i like her and the fact that she accompanied us for 5 hours walking around HOngik Uni in her high heels give me chance to dig out korean beauty points from her.. she shared lots of useful tips and best of all, she was so generous..let us use her card to get discount ..heheh
the beautiful unnie Ara and Farah. Location : Hongdae Area

She brought us the the Flea Market at Hongdae University

At Etude House in Hongdae Area. Unnie suddenly become our translator =).
And you see, man also take skin care.

            She adviced me to use "the peeling gel".. you know what is it for? that is a replacement of scrub.. here in malaysia, we use scrub to get rid all of the stubborn dirts/dead skin from our face rite? but in korea, they dont use scrub as it enlarge the pores.. so as a replacement, they use peeling gel.. it is much softer and smoother..the etude house Bubble Peeling Gel is a waterbase product and when you apply it on your skin, it lets your dead skin to be peeled off and make it mild and softer after using it.. it was amazing product as it helps regulate new skin faster... =P
         There are there types of bubble peeling gel you can get at Etude House (second picture).. the first one is for a basic clear, perfectly non oily skin.. it has smell of papaya and suitable for older people skin (skin where no more pimple growth) age between 30-50 yrs.. second type is for an oily skin where it is quite a strong gel and not suitable for sensitive skin or skin where pimple is still reddish and pain.. i like this one coz it shows almost immediate significant effect.. my friends who completely has a skin problem use this product..thou it is not advisable by the etude salesgirl but she gave a try.. for first day, it really worsen the condition of her pimples..it makes her pimple popped but 2 days later, the pimples  gone! really fast effect.. =) and the third type is more or less like the 1st but with the brush.. i love all of it and tried out every type to see how it works on my skin.. =)
Pricing : 1st : RM89.00 2nd: RM59.00 and 3rd : RM 79.00. i dah survey dekat etude house malaysia. and truth to be told, price of Etude house in Malaysia is double than price in korea..in korea, some of the product is insanely cheap , makes you widen your eyes when you see the price and of course, they give many-many small freegifts to please you =)
Second, i bought popstick. well, its like a lipstick.. there are 6 colot and the one i bought is most favourite.. =) price RM49.00 . Third is a face tissue used frequently when you apply mascara,  (FOC) and fourth, is a Wonder Pore Corrector Gel, apply to tighten my big ugly pores! Price RM79.00 

this is what i bought. the GoBack is a freegift sample for trial. a complete skin care for elders and the make-up pouch is a free gift...given when you purchase more than 50k KRW

after done with shopping, we were discussing where  to go.. she is our good GPS i tell ya..
and we ended up at

Hello Kitty Cafe
we treat her nice yogurt ice cream and coffee before she had to leave us for a date. =)
thank you unnie for everthing..bless to meet you thou only for 5 hours.

Oct 8, 2013

Maggie Trip KK - Keningau - Kundasang - Desa Dairy Farm - Part 3

we spent almost 2 hours at Desa Dairy Farm, Kundasang Sabah.. camwhoring and shopping and smelling and etc.. you just dont want leave this place coz it is magnificiently fascinating.. the fogs hidding the mountain.. the healthy cows and all the relax and laid back living lifes.. auuwwww..


tudung terbang.. breezy and cold + bau nahi lembu = best!! (giler)

sourvenir and fresh milk to drink..

vats with that face?? hahah

To know more about this farm, you may refer to their facebook Desa Cattle   or my previous post..

Our driver, En Amin sendiri pun tak pernah datang tempat ini seumur hidup dia., and yang kelakarnya dia pun turut camwhoring skali.. hahaha..

 tq peep for reading this

Oct 6, 2013

Maggie Trip to Kota Kinabalu - Keningau - Kundasang - Part 2

continue my second day maggie trip to Sabah..

7.00 am : we woke up early today because we need to catch the time.. rushing sikit hari ini because we are going to KUNDASANG!!! yupppp..kundasang.. semalam i dah text member and dia kata tak possible but babe, this is me!! nak seribu daya, tak nak seribu dalih..

7.30 pm : breakfast and drove to our branch to return the car..pung pang2x jumpa dgn manager dlm lebih kurang 10 min, bagi pesanan terakhir, kemudian naik chartered taxi dan terus ke Kundasang... dari keningau ke Kundasang memakan masa lebih kurang 3-4 jam...sebabnya kundasang adalah di kanan KK, keningau pula di kiri KK.. dah kira mcm pusing balik sebenarnya tapi disebabkan bukan kami yang drive, no hal la.. act like a boss sekejap.. =P

to go to Kundasang from Keningau, you have two option weather to go via Kota Kinabalu or via Trusmadi Mountain..via KK is like a seaside road while Mount Trusmadi is more into hilly roadway..the shortest distance to get to Kundasang from Keningau is via Trusmadi.. you will definitely need to pass thru Tambunan and then get to Ranau for Kundasang..i have no idea how did i know about this place but believe me, its worth a visit.. =)

the beautiful Mount Kinabalu as eye candy rolled over!

along Mount Trusmadi
there are many landslide area.. be careful when driving eapecially during rainy season
nak ke mana wahai cik ??

si kinabalu yang pemalu.. you will never gotta see the peak when the sun has rised..thank god that i got it..how? ask the clouds to get away.. =P

Pasar pagi di Ranau.. Ranau terkenal dgn hasil pertanian..

rumah2 di pinggiran bukit.. sebijik macam Padang, Indonesia

after 3 hours of driving, kami pun sampai ..since driver never been to this place, so kitorang ada sesat sikit lah.. but En Amin was a pro bai..apa guna member taxi klu bukan untuk roger roger kan.. =P

A little info. The place is called Desa Dairy Farm or Tenusu Desa.. it is run by Desa Cattle (Sabah) Sdn bhd.. Desa Dairy Farm is located at the foothill of Mt. Kinabalu, Mesilau plateau and to be exact, Ladang Tenusu, Mesilau, Kundasang.. charges fee for the farm entry is RM4.00..open from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm everyday including public holiday.. it provides good education for children even adults to understand how fresh milk is being processed from raw to finish product. It is not hard to find but there is no public transport to reach there. The cold weather, farm fencing, and Friesian cattle make you totally away from all the pressures and stressful life from the reality world.

Friesian Cattle

ini semua poyo
sebab internet lembap macam tenuk, i'll create another special post for Kundasang ok? =)
 tq peeps for reading this..

Oct 4, 2013

Maggie Trip from Kota Kinabalu to Keningau Sabah - Part 1

                    Last month, i gotta chance to pay my first visit to Sabah.. actually, i have work to do in Keningau, so i take this advantage to get me around KK and a little beyond...sent off for 2 days 1 nite and i was accompanied by my collegue, Kak Shila..
4.00 am : Bangun pagi seawal giler.. (sumpah tak pernah i bangun seawal ini sejak bekerja)..bersiap siap dengan backpack, sehelai sepinggang dan beg tangan untuk jumpa kak shila kat lobby office... pukul 6.00 pagi, i dah standing straight depan lobby tunggu kak shila..cemerlang yang sangat bersebab!! suka sangat...daa
6.30 am - 9.00 am : Our chartered taxi arrived and drove us to the LCCT.. ticket, hotel and any charges consume was fully sponsored by company..arrived at LCCT and straight away line up for flight...
10.00 am - 1.00 pm : Took off and as usual,tido dalam flight.. and about 12.30 pm, we arrived at Kota Kinabalu International Airport..flight duration for KK is 2 hours..boss untuk branch di Keningau actually dah tolong kami untuk chartered taxi dari Kota Kinabalu ke Keningau..so, by the time kami sampai, taxi pun sampai..straight away jump into the taxi and headed to Keningau.. pada mulanya, i thought that the driver was arrogant but i was mistaken.. dia la taxi driver paling banyak mulut... maigod!! and i have to admit that orang Sabah kebanyakkan nya sangat friendly... just look at Mr Twin (our taxi driver), dari KK sampai Keningau, 2 hours non stop talking..
ini map sabah.. study map pun selepas pulang dari sabah


KK international airport situated next to oceon.. nice view isnt it? thank god
1.00 pm - 3.00 pm : Perjalanan dari KK ke Keningau took us another 2 hours..kebas punggung duduk lama sangat.. untuk pergi ke Keningau, kami melalui dua daerah utama iaitu Penampang dan Papar, sebelum we cross over Mount Kimanis to get to Keningau.. through out the journey, i langsung tak melelapkan mata walaupun tuhan saja yang tahu betapa mengantoknya mata.. semua gara gara tak nak ketinggalan menikmati alam ciptaan Allah yang Maha Cantik..cuba saja tengok gambar2 di bawah, semuanya kehijauan dan kebiruan..fyi, Papar terletak di pinggiran pantai dan hasil utama penduduk dari daerah ini adalah ikan kering dan ikan bilis...
on the way to Keningau - at Penampang
while drove thru the road and stop at the RNR  #ternampak bas dari beufort..
#the highway   #lain benor dengan semenanjung  #takde divider pun
              Selepas Papar, kami "add oil" tp cross gunung Kimanis..the road is a lil steep and i believe, untuk lori konfem semput! nak dekat 40 minit press pedal tau..tapi yang menarik, ada satu area dekat gunung kimanis adalah area bermagnet.. ramai pelancong yang tak tahu..kan? i dont know where it is exactly situated but maybe you can ask the local people...semasa turun dari gunung, Mr twin lepaskan handbrek dan brek kaki.. so,apa yang you expect adalah kereta akan meluncur turun ke hadapan dengan laju, rite?? but what happened was, the car reversed upward! as if it was pulled by one unknown power..weird isnt it?? Mr Twin terpaksa press minyak untuk turun bukit..giler namanya klu turun bukit press minyak... well, thats for contradict 
jet fuel.. pic taken from top of Mount Kimanis..all the way to Keningau, you will be served with this beautiful and amazing God's creation.. =)
another amazing view  #reason untuk tidak tidur.
#kabus atas top of mount kimanis  #sejuk  #around 2-3pm tapi keadaan mcm awal pagi 
3.00 pm - 5.30 pm : sampai saja di Keningau terus direct jumpa dengan branch manager..tak sampai 2 jam keje dah siap..efficient sangat (tangan di bahu, mata ke atas..haha)..sebenarnya, kerja on site amat la simple, tapi declaration report selepas itu, mak dato' poning kepala.. selesai keje, kami terus check in hotel..malam tersebut, kami stay di Hotel Juta...itulah hotel paling grand dekat Keningau.. =)
view taken from our hotel, Hotel Juta Keningau #6.00 pm in Keningau..

Hotel Juta,Keningau
5.30 pm - 7.00 pm : lepak and online dalam bilik..tengok jam pukul 6 tapi tengok tingkap dah gelap.. tak sedar masa cepat sgt berlalu..sabah kan gelap sejam lebih awal dari mesia.. bila tgk berita tuh, terasa macam dah malam sangat..
8.00 pm - 10.00 pm : mati kutu tak tahu nak pegi mana kat Keningau.. walaupun manager bagi pinjam kereta company untuk memudahkan kitorang berjalan, tapi buntu tak tahu nak g mana...its Keningau, bandar di pedalaman, mana je pun kami nak pegi..pusing pusing, tang traffic light yang satu tu je kita jumpa balik.. hahah... di Keningau cuma ada satu je shopping mall dan untuk dinner, kami g makan kat  foodcourt..pegi bukan drive tapi hanyalah dgn berjalan kaki..
10.00 pm - 1.00 am : habiskan masa dengan online dan chat dengan member laki kat labuan.. i tanya kat dia sama ada sempat atau tak kalau i nak g tempat XXX nih..esok flight kami kul 2.30 pm.. dia kata, tak sempat sebab jauhhhh...seolah olah macam pusing semula.. dalam hati dah sedih tapi sebagai seorang yang suka ambil risiko, i pun nekad dalam hati nak jugak pegi ke tempat XXXX...bila kak shila bangun tido esok pagi, i nak bagitau dia yang hari ini kita akan ke XXX.. hehehe..
nak tahu apa nama tempat XXX???  To the next post shall i continue ya..
thank you peeps for reading..
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