Feb 22, 2012

i wonder what you guys normally did during weekend? you guys hang out dengan your guy/girl friend ke atau duduk kat rumah doing nothing? nothing means sth like sleeping maybe? i personally like to hang out ke bazaar when i live in bangsar but since i moved away to a much serenity place like in "here", i feel like patah kaki..nak pegi mana pun tak boleh..
but anyway, i dah boleh cope dengan that kind of situation..its not so bad to stay at home during weekend... tambahan pulak bila i dah penat berkerja sepanjang weekdays..so what i did was this!!! i ended up making a mess..doing ini lah, itu lah..
p/s: alone does not necessarily indicates lonely! =)

Feb 13, 2012

Love at the first sight give grieve till today..

i just read his blog..it hurt me so much, honestly
it was a love at a first sight..been together for 3 years
to the fact that he flew for Germany, about 4 years ago without saying goodbye is really hurtful
to the fact that he married to my best friend...

Feb 10, 2012

Cycling in Taipei City

Feb 7, 2012

F21 For Sales!

Actually i had this pair of shoe since end of last year but i never wear it..its so comfortable walaupun tinggi..it just doesn't suits me well..sobs sobs =( ..so i'm thinking to sell it away..F21 with 37 in size..price rm99.. kalau ada sesiapa berminat, maybe you can PM me or send an email to me.. =)) sachafame@gmail.com..

Couldnt catch his pace

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