Jan 31, 2011


There's always so many things that I wanted to do but in the end, I keep on placing barrier on it. Its not good thou. I know. 

HER: Train station

Jan 28, 2011

ON EARTH : Tucheng Hotel, Taipei

Jan 25, 2011

HER : Shinlin Night Market



Its always has been red for food and greenish or pale for cosmetic. Attraction matter.

Jan 24, 2011


'Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follow religiously the new'
-Henry David Thoreau-

Jan 15, 2011


Things I've planned..
paint my room with i don't know what color..
deco my room..
learn to make a very cool cloth bags..
learn to make my own shoes..
draw and paint on canvas..
learn graphic..
buy a new lens..
takes more pics of peeps around..

Jan 12, 2011


Everyone has their own life to live in.

Jan 7, 2011


She's a flower girl. I jumpa waktu pergi ke Taipei International Flora Exposition.
I wonder how can her bared naked leg sustain the cold windy weather of the day. I put on triple layers of cloths but see, she didnt even wear a legging! amazed..ahaha..maybe because I am truly Malaysian..=p


He is my admiration and I absolutely love him to bits. It was a year ago when I first glanced at his blog. Only then I realized that I am into fashion and photography, just like him.
Harap satu hari nanti, I'll be just like him. As famous as him. As popular as him. As well known as him. =)))

Jan 6, 2011


Gunung Jerai, a place i badly wanna go. Peace and tranquil. Just look at the pic! I got a chance to stay back in there for couple of months and it was really amazing. Next pit stop is to be at the peak of the mountain and stay there for few days. weeee...=))

Jan 2, 2011

Jan 1, 2011


 He own a "Rockafella Boutique" in Shinlin Night Market.

p/s: I don't walk in his shop..should have thou..
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