Feb 11, 2011


Do you chose black as your signature color because it makes you feel slim and sophisticated? 
Do you work or sleep in a room that is painted white but has little else in a way of color?
If so, then you and I are wasting one of the most effective natural therapies on offer. Although most of us regard color as window dressing, it can in fact has a profound effect on your body and mind. People are afraid of using color because they fear that it will be overpowering.That happens for quite certain cases but color always brighten our life. Just imagine if life is only fill with black and white only? Urghhh....(*_*)
If you are a basic black person, like I did, than maybe you should start color your world with a little of gold or silver. How to confirm that? Check out your wardrobe and examine the color of most of the dress or outfit you have. You might ended up limiting your color to gray, black or white? Wouldn't it bores you? So peeps (and even myself! =p ), lets start to steps outside of our usual color comfort zone. Lets start wearing vibrant color.Owh, have you asked your friends, what is the most color that they think suits you and bring the aura to you? Well, if they ever compliment you when wearing those color then, that is your color! They said, I'm white.
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