Mar 20, 2015

Solo Day 3 South Korea - 23rd Nov 2014 (Seongsan-Seopjikoji)

My first day in Jeju was pretty ambitious. I wanted to hike up the Seogsan Ilchulbong. So I took bus no 701 from Yeha City hall to Seongsan. However this is not a direct bus. It will somehow stop at seongsan city and you have to change bus to bus no 701-1 to get to the Seongsan Ticket Booth. Just follow the crowd with sportswear if you are unsure where to get off (like I did. *grin)

Windmill Complex - in the bus on the way to Seongsan Peak

Seongsan entrance tix will cost you 2000KRW and you may request for a map from the counter. The place is pretty large but the trails are clear, so there shouldn’t be a problem to reach the peak alone in case if your companion couldn't. Below is the map and a little info about Seongsan Ilculbong Sunrise Peak.

And i'd made to the peak at around 10.30 sth.. The feeling was just wonderful.

View from the peak of Seongsan

Benda cantik tak senang nak dapat. Motivate diri sendiri untuk panjat Seongsan. Nampak jugak ada separuh tourist dah tak sanggup nak panjat, so diorang patah balik tapi sebab aku mmg aim for this, so aku rileks rileks je la panjat sorang2.. tapi rilesk tak rilesk sangat la klu dah nampak orang tua-tua potong.. haha.. sebenarnya takde la susah sangat..masa dekat foothill, tangga dia memang la mcm landai sikit tapi bila dah nak sampai atas, tangga dia pacak tak hengat siot..itu yang ramai tourist pakai high heel surrender.. tapi sebenarnya, dlm pada sibuk panjat and ambil gambar sana sini, tetiba je aku sendiri tak sedar yang aku telahpun sampai dekat crater seongsan, the highest point of Seongsan.. masa aku sampai kat highest point tuh, aku macam tak percaya.. lehhh, sekejap je.. takde la susah mana pun, cuma tangga je pacak..mood masa tuh lebih kepada tak percaya daripada happy..aku mmg bengong.. sebenarnya, yang pacak tuh la yg tolong kita sampai kat peak cepat sikit.. lagi satu, tak pakai sports attire pun xpe..

After Seongsan, i decided to have my lunch at seafood restaurant (cant remember the name). Majority at Seongsan area served seafood, so no worry. The food in Korea is slightly pricey (for me, I think) but it is so fresh that you have no regret to spend on it at all.

abalone porridge and the side dishes.. one of my favourite

They really and still exist.. the woman divers suit of Jeju

After lunch, I seek for advice from the restaurant owner whether should I take a bus to Seopjikoji or walk. He recommend me to walk via coast to Seopjikoji. I know that it is quite a distance but I decided to walk and tell you what, it was too ahhhmaaaazinngggg… this is the time where you can see the truth color and nature of Jeju. I came across so many vegetables farms, beautiful rapeseed farms, and even a wild growing sunflower farm. Everything and everywhere was laid back, relax and natural.

“My walking” from Seongsan to Seopjikoji tooks about 4 hours, coz I stopped a lot to take pictures. I think or ordinary pace, it will consume about 1hours only kot. People were staring at me like wth is she doing walking alone at this lonely road but I could have never bother. I believe it is safe country and I really enjoy the walking. =)  Look at photos below..bahagian mana yang korunk akan kata Jeju tak cantik.. every minutes of walking was so amazing..

The Rapeseed Flowers Plantation

Vegetable Plantation. They use this to make Kimchee

Common flowers in romantic movie

The sunflower grown wild

I was to amazed with myself that i managed to walked from the peak to where i am now.
Sit back, relax and enjoy the scene

The sea shore  

Amazing view of jeju

rumput semua color kuning.. sbb nak masuk winter dah..

Seopjikoji, Jeju Island

Seopjikoji is a free spot, no entrance fee and it was my last spot of the day. I decided to take bus back to Jeju-Si, before I met a nice old lady / ahjuma that offers to give me a free ride to the nearest bus stop. I thought that I can walk to the bus stop, but no way. It was very far. She insisted and thank god, it was indeed really helpful.

Took bus no 701 and got back to Jeju- Si. I arrived Yeha Guesthouse at 9.00 pm, took shower and joined the happy hour. =)

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