Dec 20, 2014

Solo Day 1 South Korea - 21st Nov 2014 (Busan)

             Unbelievable that post korea yang sebelum nih pun tak habes tulis, aku dah repeat trip korea sekali lagi. Agak memalukan sikit di situ.. =P tapi kali ini aku bersemangat nak tulis sebab aku ingt in details all my expenses masa kat sana sebab trip kali ini aku bergerak secara solo..yup, solo.. =) so aku nak la share serba sedikit my one and only experience kat sana. aku rasa happy and fortunate giler sebab still dapat catch up the autumn foliage (thou they said it was the leftover but doesnt matter).. travel date from 21st Nov 2014 to 30th Nov 2014.. Walaupun ada sedikit frust sebab the next day after aku arrived KL,the first snow falls in Seoul which is on 1st Dec 2014), tapi takpe la..dapat tengok autumn pun dah rasa bersyukur...
I wanna make my post short, simple and informative. I hope you guys gain something out of these.

Day 1- 21st Nov 2014

Arrived at Gimhae International Airport. It is just a small airport. Nothing much can you do here. Not many shop lots. I purchase T money and took subway to Busan City.

Upon arrival, I headed straight to Mr Egg Original Hostel, Nampo. Jungang Station Exit 5 to place my backpack. From train tracks to the exit is quite far. Walking underground will takes about 10 minutes. Refer to the map below. B is the train tracks and A is the Exit 5. I choose to stay here again because of its great location apart from the 20% discounts they give for every travelers with second visit. Since the place is clean, comfortable with cute egg-gy design, no doubt that I choose to stay again.

A is location for Mr Egg Original Hostel Nampo

That guy is Mr Egg, Sean. The owner

Strategic location. Attraction places around Mr Egg Hostel and Nampo Dong Area

First place, I went to Baemosa Temple (Baemosa Station,Exit 7). Thou it was late November, I'm glad that i can still catch the autumn foliage . Fyi, you cannot walk to Baemosa Temple. You have to take bus No 90. Map below shows how can you get to the bus station for Baemosa Temple.

Baemosa Station, Exit 7 and walk thru the diagonal lane. The purple square is the bus station.

Beautiful, isnt it?

Autumn Foliage at Baemosa Temple, Busan

Walkway to the top temple

Surrounding area

In the bus No 90

After Baemosa, I went to Al Fatah Mosque. To get to this mosque, you need to stop at Dusil Station Exit 8. The direction is as per below.

Dusil Station. Exit 8. Walk straight until you see a gas station + mechanic, turn right and the green square is Al Fattah Mosque

 The Turkish Halal Kebab next to the mosque

And the side walkway to the Al Fattah Mosque, Busan

After visited the mosques, I went to Haeundae Station by subway. Thought that I want to go to Yonggungsa Temple but it was too late. It was closed at 6.00 pm hence I had to turn back and spend my night around Haeundae.

For Yonggungsa Temple, take bus at  Exit 7 bus stop
If you want to go to Haeundae Beach, take exit 3/5 and walk down the road until you see the beach at the end.

The romantico Haeundae Beach, Busan

I got back to hostel around 8.00 pm, took shower and sleep. End my day 1


  1. hi dear this is so inspiring as i nvr yet travel solo HAHAHHA the only reason is bcoz i always think it will boring me HAHHAHAHA orang suke bercakap n take photo (not selfie) mmg camni kot. no im not scared hahah just tu lah sape nak borak2 sape nak tgkap gmba i nnti hahha funneyhh kan my thoughts LOL anyhow, still im so excited to do it huhu iAllah one day :) thnx for sharing n TC babe!

    1. hi babe.. Initially i thought that i wouldnt be able to do it but it was easy (alhamdulillah)..i pun takut tak dpt berborak walaupun i takde la kuat bercakap sangat, tapi masa kat sana i berborak je dgn the locals. they are super nice thou it was like ayam and itik..i main belasah je talking to random people in train, in cafe or even in hostel..bagus gak, 5 minutes talking in train dah jadi kawan in fb..haha..


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