Nov 10, 2011

Punk Rock

Oct 20, 2011


Incredible Transformation

image was clearly taken from oh bulan.. =p

Oct 7, 2011

The truth

have u ever heard that the truth is painful..
but this time, it is so not is just the truth..
yes, i'm about to tell you the truth..
the truth is i'm not fashionable at all walaupun i sgt suka fashion..
the truth is i ada bnyk high heels yang giler bapak tinggi, tapi at last slipper jugak yang i pakai..
the truth is i have a lots of floral printed baju, but in the end i'll select the very dark plain color..
the truth is i love colors but when it comes to baju, i'll play safe..i'll choose dull color..
the truth is i am a fashion blogger but i'm not marketing myself in a way that i supposed to be..
the truth is i'm so not creative although people think i am..
the truth is my hand is like a stone walaupun i sebenarnya sangat suka art..
the truth is setiap hari i fikir about posting sth in here but in the end i realize that i did nothing..i didnt post anything up to 2 weeks and even more..
the truth is, i'm not good at writing or telling a story walaupun i ada banyak benda nak share dgn semua...
the truth is, i dont have an idle time to go down the street and do photo-shooting although i loved to do that..
the truth is, i'm working in men's company that i almost behave like a man..what??!duhhh...
the truth is i'm living in an isolated place that i feel so good coz theres no traffic jam but i let go fun things-to-do such as join the a fashion bazaar, flea market and etc etc etc..
the truth is i always wanted to do something more and more but i cant..
the truth is i have so many plans to take action but i delayed those..coz i dont have pity i am..
the truth is i wanna be like the sartorialist but i'm afraid that i am actually a 'zero'..
the truth is me..

Aug 17, 2011

Vibrant of Masjid Jamek

stacks full of tudung..its in Masjid Jamek..
masjid jamek is wayy too crowded..
where i honestly do not prefer to go to..
but this is the part i like the most..
it offer colors..

Aug 14, 2011

Pledge of Guilty

hello there..hello everyone...shelter here..rasa guilty sangat tak dapat update blog sebab 2 minggu lately ini rasa hidup mcm kacau....starting a new life memang tiring..guys, i'm really sorry..anytime soon, i akan update...for sure...and yeah, there will be a 9th CHIC POP MARKET this weekend...sila datang okay...i probably akan datang if and only if my boss let me out earlier.. =))) kalau dia tak bagi i keluar awal, bermakna i hanya sempat lalu pandang kanan sahaja je la kat jaya one tuh..haih.. (T___T) anyway, tak nak sedih sedih...happy ramadhan and happy enjoying every bits of peace during ramadhan...i promis, ada masa je, i akan update blog...i love you guys a lots and thank you for staying with me although i macam hampeh je kan.. =))))

Jul 12, 2011

anA aBU..the vintage treasurer

(i sepatutnya crop the left side tapi i malas!..yes, i memang malas..)
All I can say,she is different from any other fashionista that i've met..i suka ana and her other friends..they are unique,..they got their style and they own taste..i honestly like her wayyy more than any other fashionista that i had featured in my blog previously..maybe because i suka old school..i suka simple..and i suka people who kinda look shy when they are actually or indeed somebody yang great..=)

Jul 5, 2011

Mas Angelina D'bomb

OMG..she is so cute and adorable..

Jun 29, 2011


I meet her at chic pop market and now, we are getting closer as friend..her name is Lia, fro Jakarta and she is really cool lah..boleh kata havoc pun ye jugak..tehee..anyway, nice to know you Lia..see u somewhere else and maybe the next will be the Urbanscapes

Jun 28, 2011

Chic Pop Market View

Wow..let see the scenic view or our latest chic pop market..memang awesome la..thousands of people gather and enjoy shopping, taking pics and many more..but sad to say, i couldnt be able to do street style fashion photoshot freely so much b'coz the place is too crowded..(T____T) but any how, tak kisah la..everyone were happy, so did i.. =)))

Jun 27, 2011

Meet The GarbageLapsap..sweat!

Its HIM...oh my gosh..i was flying without wings and totally went insane when i first spotted him at the chic pop bazaar..he was walking alone and i was super duper surprised..i hesitated to approach him at the first place but after gaining all courage from my strong inner 'tots' and instinct, i managed to said the word 'Hi"..and continue with a stupid-Q-but-dont-care.."Are you the GarbageLapsap?"""..He smiled and said 'YEAH'..I almost jaw dropped..i would have no word to describe how happy i was..he's my idol and now he's in front of me..yeah, me! always wanted-to-meet-man was right there standing steadily in front of shaking me..wowo, awesome lah..tehee..we had like 10 minutes conversation and he is REALLY nice! really...=))) 
You know sometimes, something that means nothing for someone could be something so-special for someone elses..

Jun 24, 2011

How To Get to Chic Pop Market-Jaya One =)

Hello everyone. So tomorrow, I bet there are nothing more fascinating and thrill to do rather than attending and supporting the chic pop market…like yeahhhh…haha...
I know, there are few of you that unable to get there because you don’t own a transport, but no worries people, I’ll teach you how to get there by public transport. Yeah, public transport!! Takkan malu kot naik public transports? Hehe..Its KL people! The public transport is something needed and I can say that it is not so bad la to travel around by public transport. Even I used public transport a lot. It is quite convenient and easy, excluded for the fact that ‘foreigner’ packed in like in a popping sardines can and the terrible waiting time. 
Anyway, lets just make it direct to the point. If you are boarding from Kl sentral, take Stars train to University station. Drop yourself at the station and take a metro bus number 12 or rapidkl U65. Both bus will stop exactly in front of Jaya One. Make sure you alert la.
Ring the bell and see you there!!! Hehe..
Hope that more or less, it helps yaw.. =)

Jun 23, 2011

The Body Shop for Sale

My friend needs some help and i must say, i need to help her out...She is selling away few of her stuffs..if you feel like helping someone in need (especially in money matters..), you can do so..
contact her by email : or text her at 019-7753696 to ask her more&more or bargaining as well..she will definitely entertain you coz she needs money..hehe..
 these are few stuffs that she wants to sell away: 
The Body Shop Body Butter, Strawberry for RM43.
New Item
The Body Shop Body Butter, Passion Fruit for RM43.
New Item
 The Body Shop Shower Gel, Passion Fruit RM13 Only
New Item
The Body Shop Boy Polish, RM 20 Only
New Item
Postal charge around RM5-RM7 =)) Happy shopping and happy helping, frens !

Jun 20, 2011

Nature: Yesterday Dusking

Bazaar Updates: 25th June, Jaya One

See you there. Make sure you dress like a drop dead gorgeous diva!! Who knows, i might spot yaw.. =P
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