Apr 29, 2011

HER: Mingle with laughter

Apr 26, 2011

HER: Sneakers for Indie!

Apr 25, 2011

HER:Lady Fira

Apr 24, 2011

Chick Magnet Bazaar

 30th April 2011
Soho, Empire Shopping Gallery
 Sorry for couldn't give u a clearer promo pic.. for more info, check this out -->  stellar

Apr 21, 2011

HIM: The nude diapers

Anak saudara yang paling sexy..geram kan..haha

Apr 20, 2011

ON EARTH: Crafty aRT dAY

For those art lovers, here they come! =)

Apr 18, 2011

HER: Eyqa Sugarscarf

Eyqa from Sugarscarf..ai tak tahu nak describe apa sebab dia nih cun sgt..=)))

Apr 13, 2011

HIM & HER: Pose

Initially, when i look back into the first picture, I asked myself  'Apa yang awkward tentang gambar nih eh?'
But when Rifhan picture come across, then I got it!
Its the POSE!
Man and woman have different way of pose =))

Apr 12, 2011

HER: Ana Abu

Ana Abu..as simple as the person.

Apr 11, 2011

Apr 9, 2011

HER: The Flea Market Organizer

Presenting to you, the organizer for our flea market! =)))
I deeply love her nerdy look. 

p/s: More pictures to go but since internet lambat macam tenuk (like my senior said), later la ye..

Apr 7, 2011

ON EARTH: Flora Expo

Taipei international Flora expo. Best gillleeeerrrrr..=))

Apr 6, 2011

ON EARTH: Flea market

I've been to this market last time and it was fun.  Really.
It is similar like a blogger yard sale. 
You can dig anything from funky junky to feminine and classy dress of anykind. =)
And utmost important, it was organize by my ex-schoolmate(Regina)..hehe
See you there! =)

HER: Shea and LynaKamal

Apr 3, 2011

HER: Confident and i like!

sizzling suzai , sizzling hot and confident i tell yaw! =)

Apr 1, 2011

HER: Eye

she has a very beautiful non-fake eye okay..comel sgt..just like a barbie doll

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