Jun 27, 2011

Meet The GarbageLapsap..sweat!

Its HIM...oh my gosh..i was flying without wings and totally went insane when i first spotted him at the chic pop bazaar..he was walking alone and i was super duper surprised..i hesitated to approach him at the first place but after gaining all courage from my strong inner 'tots' and instinct, i managed to said the word 'Hi"..and continue with a stupid-Q-but-dont-care.."Are you the GarbageLapsap?"""..He smiled and said 'YEAH'..I almost fainted..my jaw dropped..i would have no word to describe how happy i was..he's my idol and now he's in front of me..yeah, me!..my always wanted-to-meet-man was right there standing steadily in front of shaking me..wowo, awesome lah..tehee..we had like 10 minutes conversation and he is REALLY nice! really...=))) 
You know sometimes, something that means nothing for someone could be something so-special for someone elses..

1 comment:

  1. hahaha..yup i adore the garbagelapsap too..their efforts r always awesome huhu tp xknal plak mamat disebaliknye ni..k after this if i see him again i should ready to be capture lol~ ahha..


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