Oct 7, 2011

The truth

have u ever heard that the truth is painful..
but this time, it is so not painful...it is just the truth..
yes, i'm about to tell you the truth..
the truth is i'm not fashionable at all walaupun i sgt suka fashion..
the truth is i ada bnyk high heels yang giler bapak tinggi, tapi at last slipper jugak yang i pakai..
the truth is i have a lots of floral printed baju, but in the end i'll select the very dark plain color..
the truth is i love colors but when it comes to baju, i'll play safe..i'll choose dull color..
the truth is i am a fashion blogger but i'm not marketing myself in a way that i supposed to be..
the truth is i'm so not creative although people think i am..
the truth is my hand is like a stone walaupun i sebenarnya sangat suka art..
the truth is setiap hari i fikir about posting sth in here but in the end i realize that i did nothing..i didnt post anything up to 2 weeks and even more..
the truth is, i'm not good at writing or telling a story walaupun i ada banyak benda nak share dgn semua...
the truth is, i dont have an idle time to go down the street and do photo-shooting although i loved to do that..
the truth is, i'm working in men's company that i almost behave like a man..what??!duhhh...
the truth is i'm living in an isolated place that i feel so good coz theres no traffic jam but i let go fun things-to-do such as join the a fashion bazaar, flea market and etc etc etc..
the truth is i always wanted to do something more and more but i cant..
the truth is i have so many plans to take action but i delayed those..coz i dont have money..how pity i am..
the truth is i wanna be like the sartorialist but i'm afraid that i am actually a 'zero'..
the truth is me..

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