Aug 14, 2011

Pledge of Guilty

hello there..hello everyone...shelter here..rasa guilty sangat tak dapat update blog sebab 2 minggu lately ini rasa hidup mcm kacau....starting a new life memang tiring..guys, i'm really sorry..anytime soon, i akan update...for sure...and yeah, there will be a 9th CHIC POP MARKET this weekend...sila datang okay...i probably akan datang if and only if my boss let me out earlier.. =))) kalau dia tak bagi i keluar awal, bermakna i hanya sempat lalu pandang kanan sahaja je la kat jaya one tuh..haih.. (T___T) anyway, tak nak sedih sedih...happy ramadhan and happy enjoying every bits of peace during ramadhan...i promis, ada masa je, i akan update blog...i love you guys a lots and thank you for staying with me although i macam hampeh je kan.. =))))

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