Mar 24, 2015

Solo Day 4 South Korea - 24th Nov 2014 (Seogwipo City, Jeju)

 DAY 4
I spent my 2nd day at Seogwipo City. I waited for bus no 780 at city hall bus station and get off at Jungang Rotary. The bus drove across mount Halla. If you are not used to crooked road, you might get dizzy

In the bus NO 780 - Heading to Seogwipo city

I planned to do Olle course 6/7, but since the olle center didn’t recommend it (as a girl and alone), so I did only partial olle. It must be fun to complete the course but to do it all alone is quite unsafe. Here’s a little information about the olle trails in Jeju Do. Olle Walk Jeju Route Course

Oldaegae Olle Walk

Oedolgae Rock and Cliff

It so soothing to get myself down the cliff

the olle sign.. just follow this thru.. but somehow it gets really confusing.. =P

Wish that it could be more details in English...

Jeju Oranges!! It is everywhere in Seogwipo City.. my my!!
Serious menguji keimanan aku.

And it taste REALLY good

What i found during my olle walk at Oedolgae Rock. Course 6

Olle Walk is worth trying.. you just got closer to nature..
not just looking at it but hearing the sound of nature was mesmerizing.. =)

While doing olle walk, I met a nice beautiful old lady, Madam Grace. She is the founder for Kaya- Non profit Organization in korea. She invited me to visit her exhibition hall. Thou it was just a small hall, it was full with cultural heritage from all over the world..I can see her effort to enlighten the place. And to my surprised, she was actually a cultural ambassador for South Korea!

We talked for 1 hours, randomly about everything before she had to attend a meeting with governance. She asked me to stayed and insisted to take me for a tour around Seogwipo City. She left me to her good friend before she’d came back. She even introduced me to her other friends that owned a café along Lee Joong Seop Art Street.

Madam Grace and I
Madam Grace served me tangerine tea.. purely homemade by her =)
The 1st & 2nd picture - that is tangerin crispy snacks

At Mr Jaeyoung Park Cafe..I've to admit that koreans are creatives

The owner of Yellow Crab cafe at Lee Jong Seop Street

Jeju Orange Juice + Special Yellow Crab Muffin

Madam Grace and her Jeju Family which now has become my family

I never know about the existence of Lee Joong Seop Art Street until I was there. The street will be very busy with artist and performers during weekend. The “creative’s” from all over Jeju gather at this street to display and show the beauty of art.

The Art Museum

Lee Joong Seop - the noble artists old house before he moved

Among the shops that sell handicrafts

The art street.. all the way down. there are many handicraft shops to your left and right

Entrance and exit of the street - Lee Joong Seop Street of Jeju Island

After the street, I headed back to Jungang Rotary to take bus no 780 to Jeju-si. It was raining and road through mount Halla was very hazy and smoky. Vehicle used hazard light to notify others. I arrived Jeju City Hall around 5.00 pm.

It was raining and cold - crossing Halla San road when it is almost nightfall

That night, I decided to go to Yongduam Rock thou I know it was drizzled. I took bus NO 100 from Jeju City Hall Bus Station to the Yongduam Intersection. I heart this place too much especially with those sounds of the splashing waves onto the rock and vrooming sound of airplane that was about to landing right above your head, it was truly magnificent. I should have walk along the coastline and spent more times there but since the rain started to get too harsh on me, I waived goodbye.

sorry for the picture quality.. too bad i cannot capture the dragon head.. can you see the rain droplets??
you knoe, its really hard to take picture when your umbrella was about to flew off

I was all alone at the beach..and can you see a tiny yellow spots above the buildings? thats an aeroplane and it will fly above your head before landing =))

It was so heavy that I got really soaked. My roomate was kinda worry and she waited for me at the lobby with worry face.. hahah.. chill fine..

back in my room, i decided to use this to dry up my pants.. (urghh.. why didnt i bring extra pants)

i was in korea right?? but whats with the South Africa?? haha.. its from my Jeju Mama


  1. Hai!

    Nak tanya banyak sket bole x? Susah x Olle route tu? Maksud saya banyak panjat2 bukit atau batu-batuan ke. Awak buat partial je,sampai mana? Pastu kalau nak stop mana-mana, ade jalan besar yang berhampiran ke? Hahaa..sori banyak tanya. Excited nih nak pi sana tapi stamina tu ala kadar je.

    p/s:cantek gambar2.

    1. hi.
      olle tu tak susah tapi confusing skit sebab base on the ribbon je..they have no sign in english...and it also depends on your olle course..ada yang susah, ada yang moderate.. you tak boleh simply stop everywhere sebab some area are very isolated from main road. best.. you should try one... it will definitely take one whole day.


  2. Hai.

    I'm planning to go to Jeju as a solo traveller and thinking of do some hiking on olle course. What do you think of the course? Is it suitable for solo female hiker?

    And, i must say, you inspired me! Thank you :)


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