Oct 6, 2013

Maggie Trip to Kota Kinabalu - Keningau - Kundasang - Part 2

continue my second day maggie trip to Sabah..

7.00 am : we woke up early today because we need to catch the time.. rushing sikit hari ini because we are going to KUNDASANG!!! yupppp..kundasang.. semalam i dah text member and dia kata tak possible but babe, this is me!! nak seribu daya, tak nak seribu dalih..

7.30 pm : breakfast and drove to our branch to return the car..pung pang2x jumpa dgn manager dlm lebih kurang 10 min, bagi pesanan terakhir, kemudian naik chartered taxi dan terus ke Kundasang... dari keningau ke Kundasang memakan masa lebih kurang 3-4 jam...sebabnya kundasang adalah di kanan KK, keningau pula di kiri KK.. dah kira mcm pusing balik sebenarnya tapi disebabkan bukan kami yang drive, no hal la.. act like a boss sekejap.. =P

to go to Kundasang from Keningau, you have two option weather to go via Kota Kinabalu or via Trusmadi Mountain..via KK is like a seaside road while Mount Trusmadi is more into hilly roadway..the shortest distance to get to Kundasang from Keningau is via Trusmadi.. you will definitely need to pass thru Tambunan and then get to Ranau for Kundasang..i have no idea how did i know about this place but believe me, its worth a visit.. =)

the beautiful Mount Kinabalu as eye candy rolled over!

along Mount Trusmadi
there are many landslide area.. be careful when driving eapecially during rainy season
nak ke mana wahai cik ??

si kinabalu yang pemalu.. you will never gotta see the peak when the sun has rised..thank god that i got it..how? ask the clouds to get away.. =P

Pasar pagi di Ranau.. Ranau terkenal dgn hasil pertanian..

rumah2 di pinggiran bukit.. sebijik macam Padang, Indonesia

after 3 hours of driving, kami pun sampai ..since driver never been to this place, so kitorang ada sesat sikit lah.. but En Amin was a pro bai..apa guna member taxi klu bukan untuk roger roger kan.. =P

A little info. The place is called Desa Dairy Farm or Tenusu Desa.. it is run by Desa Cattle (Sabah) Sdn bhd.. Desa Dairy Farm is located at the foothill of Mt. Kinabalu, Mesilau plateau and to be exact, Ladang Tenusu, Mesilau, Kundasang.. charges fee for the farm entry is RM4.00..open from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm everyday including public holiday.. it provides good education for children even adults to understand how fresh milk is being processed from raw to finish product. It is not hard to find but there is no public transport to reach there. The cold weather, farm fencing, and Friesian cattle make you totally away from all the pressures and stressful life from the reality world.

Friesian Cattle

ini semua poyo
sebab internet lembap macam tenuk, i'll create another special post for Kundasang ok? =)
 tq peeps for reading this..

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