Oct 8, 2013

Maggie Trip KK - Keningau - Kundasang - Desa Dairy Farm - Part 3

we spent almost 2 hours at Desa Dairy Farm, Kundasang Sabah.. camwhoring and shopping and smelling and etc.. you just dont want leave this place coz it is magnificiently fascinating.. the fogs hidding the mountain.. the healthy cows and all the relax and laid back living lifes.. auuwwww..


tudung terbang.. breezy and cold + bau nahi lembu = best!! (giler)

sourvenir and fresh milk to drink..

vats with that face?? hahah

To know more about this farm, you may refer to their facebook Desa Cattle   or my previous post..

Our driver, En Amin sendiri pun tak pernah datang tempat ini seumur hidup dia., and yang kelakarnya dia pun turut camwhoring skali.. hahaha..

 tq peep for reading this


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