Nov 9, 2013

Final Maggie Trip : Kota Kinabalu - Keningau - Kundasang Part 4

           as this trip was a very short trip, right after the Farm, we headed to Kota Kinabalu.. this time, we passed thru Ranau and Tamparuli.. i spent the whole trip sleeping soundly with my mouth wide open.. mcm serabai babai but at that time, i dah penat sangat kot... even my collegue pun sama jer =P

          From Kundasang to KK, it takes about 1 1/2 hour.. depending on  speed..but on our way back to KK, we stop by at several rest area.. it does not looks like the common R&R that we have here in WM but at such places they sell sourvenir and local food / can get batik, keychain, fridge magnet, "sumpitan", beaded bracelets and necklaces and bookmarks, varieties of local product made by local people and many a commoner, i beli small beaded pouch and fridge magnet.. duit pun tak banyak kan.. klu yang nih pun company sponsor kan best...

these are among 1/100 sourvenir you can find along the way

rest area at Kinabalu Via Ferrata
sampai kk dalam pukul 12 sth.. straight away we headed to Filipine Market.. i cant be sure why is it call filipine market but after goole
reach kota kinabalu


gamat..besar giler.. klu i jumpa dlm laut, konfem i lemas sebab panic

varieties of local food made of seafood.. real cheap.. #Market, Kota Kinabalu
but the most popular among tourist is Kuih Cincin. i dont the picture here but we bought 1 big box of kuih cincin.

our taxi driver aka tourist guide. if you need him, please call him directly at +60142046869
1 hour before flight, we reach KK international aiport..saying goodbye to Mr Arimin and Sabah.. .. haih, bila la nak jumpa lagi... =( but as always, good memory remains..cheer up!

thank you people for reading =)

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