Apr 25, 2015

Solo Day 6 South Korea - 26th Nov 2014 (Jeju + Changdaekgung Palace + Sinchon)

Day 6
Mr boo sent me off to the airport and I feel so sad to leave him. I know he is very busy. I just pray that god bless him and save him and his family from any harm, grant him good health and wealth and insha allah to give him hidayah. AMIN.

my last picture in Yeha.

This was taken at the airport in 2013

This was taken recently. He certainly looks handsome at his age.

Jade The Yeha Guesthouse staff and me!
Gomawo Jade for waking up early that morning just to say goodbye to me! =)
Bid goodbye and took flight from Jeju to Seoul with Tways airline. It is cheap and 20kg free luggage included. I really need those free luggage. My flight from Jeju boarded at 7.55am and I safely arrived Gimpo International Airport at 9.00 am.
Tways Counter
I took bus no 6002 from Gimpo to Jongno 3 ga and checked in at Jongno Sunshine Guesthouse. If you take subway, it is at Exit 4, Jongno-3-ga Station.  I choose to stay at this hostel because it was located really at the city center, a walking distance to almost all attraction places especially the palace and it just a meters away from the shopping district, Insadong. In terms of the  room cleanliness, I would say that it is pretty ok.. clean and tidy but the lobby was a little poor. Maybe due to the fact that they are changing owner and revamping the hostel.  Therea are so many boxes and un kept food on the guest table.. i think this only happened during their revamping time je kot... (hopefully). The hostel will be more convenient if they arrange things accordingly. However, I like my single ondol traditional room thou it was located at 5th floor (no lift). With bathroom attached and tender-thick-warm bed, that was all I need after all. The staffs are friendly and nice. They helped to bring my heavy luggage upstairs.
Sunshine Guesthouse will be known as Dengba Hostel
the area of sunshine guesthouse aka dengba guesthouse

Dengba Gusthouse. The last photo was taken from my room =)

              After placed my backpack at the hostel lobby, I went out to the Changdaekgung Palace. It’s a walking distance from hostel and I planned to visit the Secret Garden. It’s was indeed a very beautiful palace and the garden was really huge. Fyi, you are prohibited from walking by yourself in the secret garden. Just pay for the tour fees at the entrance of the palace and you will know the great history behind the palace. The tour took about 1 hour 30 minutes and available in either English or Korean. There is another area that you can visit besides the secret garden. Its for free and you can walk anywhere you wish. No good thing is that, no map provided for the free area. So, you kind a lost a little while.

The leaves are still red!!

This is the open area. Its is so mesmerizing.

The Secret Garden of Changdaekgung Palace. A must visit palace

I truly fall in love with autumn because of you

The Team A tour

So beautiful..i love it to the max. The brightful colours of autumn was so hypnotizing!

The pavilion for the king to rest after a busy hunting days.


The tree colors was so amazing!!!
me and the selfie stick.. cant help myself either.
After the palace. I went back to hostel for pray and clean up and off again to Ewha University ( IDAE / Ewha Uni station exit 4) to meet my friend, Fido. She’s postgraduate student and study at Ewha Woman University . We had our dinner and story things out while walking around Ewha and Sinchon area.

7 pm waiting for Fido at the entrance of her school, Ewha Women University.

Its really reminds me of my alma mater, Convent School.

i dont know what i am eating..
Walking around Sinchon. Smiling with my eye shut
If you see this sign, you might as well linger around the area for arts performance
 that took place all over the boulevard.

Variety of stockings sell at Sinchon area.
               Ewha shops closed at 9.00pm while Sinchon area goes live till early morning. For cosmetic shoppers, this is truly your heaven. I would say, this area is perfectly for youngsters like me..no oldiess...only youngsterss.. hehe..  After walking for quite sometimes and i cant help myself from stop yawning, we bid goodbye.. i went back to hostel at around 11 sth and seriously, It was a super hectic day.
The bed in my Ondol Room..so warm!!


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