Sep 25, 2013

Backpack Trip to Bangkok - Part 5

i wanna wrap every 4th day activity of my bangkok trip..

8.00 am: today is my 4th day in bangkok and what we planned is shopping.. first place we went was Pahurat... Pahurat is like Tangkak or Nilai 3, if were to compare. The easiest way to get to Pahurat is by boat. drop off is at Pahurat Pier..we went off by boat and pay like 25 bath to get there..
below are some pics snapped during shopping.. its common that less pictures taken when shopping thingy take place...harga kain kat pahurat is slightly cheaper than Malaysia and of course there are certain design that you couldnt get in Malaysia..but what we were looking for is not those cloth.. we were looking for Thai Silk.. here in Pahurat, you can get Thai silk with a much more cheaper price..Mai bought 6 sets of color and those are for her baju kurung during Hari Raya


12.00 pm : after spend time like 3 hours in Pahurat, we went to the next place.. Chatuchak Market... it is the biggest market in Thailand.. i love Chatuchak for what its offered but totally not the crowd and the hot and we were sweating profusely...chatucak is divided into many sections and you may ask for a Map of Chatucak Market from any vendors / retailers in chatucak so as it may ease your findings...  the market is so wide and it has many lane. be assure on what you were looking for.. and at Chatucak, you can find several halal food stall...theres one that we tried out,  It is exactly in front of the clock tower which is at the center of Chatuchak.. they sell Kebab roll..not many pictures taken at Chatucak but anyhow its a place that you must spend your money on... to go to chatucak,you may take green line to Mo Chit station or blue subway station, Saphan Kwai.. Chatucak is the world's largest weekend market.. you can find plants, food, attires, books, ceramics, collectible or antiques items see, it has almost anything... wow
WED-THU (Plants & Flowers) 6.00 am - 6.00 pm.
FRI (Wholesale day) 6.00 am - 6.00 pm.
SAT-SUN (Miscellaneous) 6.00 am - 6.00 pm.

the kebab role at Chatucak Market.. #the auntie speaks good english..

she was smiling because the good looking guy is serving her.. gosh. he's married and his wife is serving me derrr..hahah..

5.00 pm : balik hostel and bersesak sesak dgn orang yang ampun sangat la ramai.. =( only once in a week kan, so begitulah hebatnya

8.00 pm - 11.00 pm: lepak Sukhumvit area..main attraction at Sukhumvit was its night life and its shopping spree.. Sukhumvit is the most eclectic and for a lot of the city’s residents, the most popular...masa kami kat sana, Terminal 21 shopping mall ada big sales. they sell roxy, quicksilver and brand seangkatan dengannya pada harga yang insanely cheap.. roxy bag was only for rm15?? nice! clearance stock maybe.. here, they have many night club.. you can see shemale everywhere.. you can see pole waiting for its hu..

11 pm sth, we decided to dine in KFC.. i nampak pak cik pakai kopiah makan kfc kat MBK plaza so i rasa KFC bangkok halal... but dear friend, after balik malaysia, barulah i realize that only certain franchaise je yang halal.. the rest di ragui kehalalannya..i cuma tengok kat menu board takde pork, so i rasa sepatutnya ok but please, jgn tiru aksi ini di bangkok.. honestly, bila bab backpack, i sangat tak endah pasal makan.. i can eat anything or i can even not to eat anything when it comes to backpacking..

korean mall, time square.

thank god, end my 4th day post..i've made it!!! thank you for reading this..


  1. Naik boat kat klong yang berbau busuk tu kah? ramainya umat manusia di Bangkok..semua tmpt shopping, kat kaki lima, atas jalan raya...penuh dgn orang..

  2. owh.. saya tak g klong tuh,, saya just naik chao phraya boat je.. when you say this, then only i perasan, ha'ah la.. mmg ramai.. hahah

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