Apr 17, 2012

Life like this

OWH..sudah lama tidak update..so many things come to my mind lately..and so many thing to hurry..and so many thing to think..and so many thing to bla bla bla..
what i did last two weeks:

1) weekend, my lil sis visit me..dia cuti sem..sabtu and ahad  last week adalah fully sisters bonding session...went out shopping..non stop driving..running out of money..and so on so forth..

2) weekdays, preparing the online integration system for company and stay back till late days..working in private company and deal with our gov is demn tiring..keje bukan banyak pun, tapi masa nak menunggu mereka, masyaallah!! punyal la lambat..rasa kura kura pun boleh buat lagi laju dari gov..huh

3) weekdays, create financial link in company system..haram jadah bukan field aku! tapi sebab working with those few handsome and good looking guys in third party gp, semuanya bisa ku understand!..hahaha..anyway, i must learn..everything in life is a learning process...kalau terkantoi depan lelaki hensem yang aku sebenarnya  tak tahu apa apa, kan bala tuh..bala!

4) at the same time, help frens prepare for budget and backpacking trip/journey..gonna be awesome i hope..hostel and everything has been booked..just wait for the time to arrive..

4) last weekend, went to sungai buloh and kepong to attend my cousin's nikah ceremony..she looks gorgeous..suami dia, no comment..banyak issue actually arouse when she wanted to nikah..she's adopted by my uncle..so u know la kan wat kind of issue yang timbul..nikah and anak angkat perempuan issue..well, i dont really give a care! my uncle knows what he did better than i..dia tahu agama more than i..no argue! 

5) after nikah, the next day, went to send my lil bro to jalan duta..dia nak balik usm..good bye boy! jumpa lagi next sem..

6) from jalan duta, straight to kemensah height visit my uncle Deris yang tak berapa sihat..he's doing fine..alhamdullillah..but then, baru i perasan, ramainya cousin i yang kena chicken pox!! waaaaa...

7) AND....when it comes to weekdays balik, workload started to bugging me sampai i binggung and bangang! MYEG project profit analysis, semi manual e-payment system, Vehicle Insurance System, real reward system, cctv project, asset disposal activity, CRD cases...and itu...and ini....haih...jangan goal sudah! 

part paling best adalah bila orang bawah yang keje bagai nak mati, orang atas yang tak berapa nak teror nih boleh syok giler enjoy trip gi Osaka malam nih! huihsy....sabor je la....

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