Apr 2, 2012

The awesome 3rd MISF (Part 1)

Hello all..how are you doing today? hope you are living in peace and harmony...
hoyeaahhhhh...as what i've planned!!! the 3rd malaysia shoes festival...awesome lah! hehe..
the shoes attract me just like a huge giant magnet..i sanggup bangun pagi pagi ahad...iron baju and jeans..polish camera..gosok gigi, mandi..drive to rawang KTM komuter and tadaaaa.....on the train!! hehe..
tapi semalam i terbuat keje stupidos sikit...i amik tren bersimpang siur..rawang --> kl sentral --> masjid jamek --> pwtc..padahal boleh je dari rawang--> putra..haissshhhh...
     tapi takpe..lets forget it! so..here you go.. snippet of what i'd saw during the festival..the shoe's displayed was beyond imagination..some were very astonish, some were very the 'me', and some even look impractical pun ada jugak! tak sanggup eden nak memakainyo la..
 I nampak kasut Jimmy Choo..tapi i jumpa Jimmy Chia..haha..anyway, i believe those people are very creative.

  Looking wierd?? indeed..so impractical but who knows, it can make u stand still..apa kata cuba dulu..ada beran??


  1. best-best byk awesome shoes there!!

    rase mcm nk melekat je kat situ.

  2. you were there? best kan! =)


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